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We guarantee your new, innovative, high-impact Signworld external signage will boost customer traffic or your money back. Unleash the full potential for attracting premium footfall to your premises at a fraction of the cost of increasing internal showroom space. Our services do more than just signs – we consult, design, handle approvals, and install.

As an award-winning industry leader renowned for striking and effective external signage UK, the experienced Signworld Group team handles all facets of creating and installing the ideal signage for your organisation on budget and on schedule. Our complete creative services encompass initial pedestrian traffic analysis, product design, incorporation of your brand assets, planning applications and permits, hassle-free installation, ongoing maintenance, and more. The skilled Signworld staff stay informed on the latest outdoor signage technologies and innovations to always offer modern, engaging exterior signs crafted from quality, durable materials.

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Why Do You Need Custom External Signage?

Signworld Group strongly recommends modern, customisable digital signage for businesses seeking maximum engagement and flexibility from their exterior signage solutions. Unlike static signs, digital displays enable showcasing far more information with dynamic messaging like full-motion graphics and videos that capture attention spans far longer. This allows highlighting daily promotions, sales, special events, new product arrivals and more – all adaptable on the fly. 

Updating messages frequently keeps content fresh and relevant for pedestrians, driving higher engagement and response rates. Digital screens give small businesses enterprise-level branding capabilities for far less through Signworld Group’s suite of affordable, innovative digital signage products designed for high visibility placement above shopfronts. With programmable schedules and remote CMS access, the seasoned Signworld staff handle everything technology-related, allowing you to focus on your operations while boosting walk-in traffic.

Boost Audience Engagement

Far and away, the biggest benefit is digital signage achieves up to 5 times higher engagement levels based on independent traffic studies examining viewer attention and retention. Signworld Group’s cutting-edge external digital signage solutions are purposely designed and configured to maximise this impact in front of your location. 

We incorporate best practices for visual attention, including high-brightness HD displays, smoothly animated graphics, rotating modular content blocks, and integration of your distinctive branding like logos, fonts, and colours. This prompts that crucial transition from a pedestrian briefly glimpsing a sign to actively watching the screen and absorbing multiple messages. The longer someone watches your external display, the greater the opportunity to spark genuine interest and bring the customer through your doors.

Adapt to Changing Priorities

Custom external signage from Signworld Group also enables effortlessly changing displayed content to align with evolving priorities. Static signs require printing and installing new signs when messaging needs change – an untenable solution for businesses in our digital age. The Signworld Group CMS lets you remotely update external signage in real time as priorities shift, highlighting time-limited sales, new products/services, modified store hours and much more. Get the services from one of the best external signage companies.


Our external signs UK are purposely crafted from only the most durable, weatherproof materials able to withstand rain, wind, snow and UV rays. We also apply protective anti-corrosion coatings and utilise water-tight casings where required to enable weathering of the elements.

Pricing depends on size, resolution, extra features and more, but we offer scaled packages to suit all budgets. Get a free quote outlining various options for your objectives and location.

Yes. Our user-friendly web-based CMS platform allows for the convenient updating of external sign content from any internet-connected device. This enables managing offsite displays directly from your headquarters with just a few clicks.

Absolutely. Our full-service offering includes navigating the permit processes to ensure your displays meet local council rules and planning regulations. We smoothly handle all paperwork, coordination and approvals on your behalf.

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