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Let's Make Your Signage Dreams a Reality!

Let's Make Your Signage Dreams a Reality!

Market Your Business with Professional Post mounted signage UK

Get noticed from afar with Signworld’s eye-catching and durable exterior sign posts, designed to showcase your business with style and visual impact. Our signage specialists across the UK craft custom post-mounted signage tailored to your brand image, location and objectives. Promote what your company offers clearly to pedestrians and motorists alike. Our pole-mounted signs stand up to tough weather while drawing more foot traffic.

Sign posts from Signworld Group are an impactful, affordable way to clearly identify your premises. Our seamlessly pole-mounted business ID signs use quality, long-lasting materials engineered to withstand weather and keep your essential message prominently on display. Signworld configures and builds customised sign posts suitable for all environments – indoor or outdoor, small residential settings up to large commercial complexes. Our design experts create perfectly scaled sign posts tailored to your specific venue.

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Why Should You Have Sign Posts for Your Business?

Installing distinctive sign posts is one of the smartest visibility moves a business can make. With their vertically elevated placement and spacious surface area for graphics, custom sign posts are proven to grab attention, pique curiosity and direct more potential customers your way. Perched atop sign posts at parking zones or along walkways, your vital messaging stands out prominently to both passing pedestrian and vehicular traffic. 

Tall sign posts with illuminated cabinets or large attached panels build instant brand familiarity and recognition even from a distance at night. Additionally, effectively positioned sign posts inform and properly guide visitors right to your premises for hassle-free access. Getting signage up off the ground provides visibility not readily achievable at eye level. With tailor-made sign posts from Signworld Group, you get excellent exposure exactly where and when you need it at affordable pricing that makes elevating your company ID and directionals through sign posts a wise investment.

Increased Visibility & Brand Awareness

Prominently displaying your company branding and messaging on elevated sign posts catches attention from a distance, providing critical visibility both day and night that traditional ground-level signs often miss. We optimise sign post height, positioning, text sizes and lighting for maximum long-range clarity. 

Whether installed along access roads, at entry points or in parking zones, the right sign posts make what you offer clearly visible at a glance. Studies show exposure from sign posts translates into up to 37% higher brand familiarity compared to signs only visible at short range. And the more familiarity your sign posts drive, the more customers pick your business when making buying decisions.

Wayfinding to Your Location Made Simple

Strategically placed post mounted house signs along routes leading to your premises make navigating to your location uncomplicated, even for first-time visitors. We identify the ideal sign post sites and points requiring directional or ID clarification, allowing customers to conveniently self-guide themselves right to you. This reduces hassles, uncertainties, and wasted time getting lost. Excellent visibility from a distance also gives more reaction time for turns well in advance. With custom sign posts from Signworld Group, you control the customer journey for a smooth, distinctly branded trip into your property. Sign posts foster confidence, accessibility and positive perceptions.


From weddings and baby showers to ribbon cuttings and open houses, welcoming signage helps set the perfect mood for any celebratory event or location where first impressions matter, welcoming and guiding guests with style.

We handcraft signs from high-end, durable materials, including decorative plastics, engraved metal composites, acrylic, sustainable wood, coated papers and cardboard for indoor signs, and weather-resistant substrates like corrugated plastic for exterior display across any season.

Our standard production timeline for unique one-off signs is 5-7 business days, from proofing to professional installation. For basic signs or banners, we can print same-day or overnight to meet urgent deadlines.

No, in fact, we specialise in crafting gorgeous temporary signage for one-time events and seasonal displays using reusable materials—perfect for special occasions happening on a set date that need that wow factor.

With over 30 years of collective experience making custom signs, our creative team combines digital production capabilities with artisanal care and attention to detail, closely reviewing and proofing every order. We only use premium substrates and inks so the final product shines.

Let's Make Your Signage Dreams a Reality!


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