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What is Static Signage?

Static signage is a type of sign that remains stationary and does not change its position. Unlike digital signage, static signs display information using conventional materials like metal, wood, acrylic fibre, or vinyl. These signs are useful as a long-term form of advertising for brands. Most of the time, designers craft these signs as permanent or semi-permanent fixtures to continuously represent the business. People widely use static signs because they are long-lasting, cost-efficient, and can display clear and constant information for a longer period of time.


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Our Offerings: Outdoor Static Signage

We engage, advertise, and inspire with innovative outdoor signage. Our static signage products can increase the appeal of your outdoor space with fascia and shopfront signs, monoliths, projecting signs, and way finding signs.

Components of Static Signage

Effective static signage is made up of several key components:

Base Material

This refers to the external material, such as metal, wood, or acrylic, that is integral to a sign’s strong structure and physical appearance.

Graphics and Text

These are the external elements of a design, such as logos, text, and images, that convey the desired message of the sign.

Mounting Hardware

A supportive structure that is affixed to the side of the sign to hold it firmly in the intended place, e.g., brackets, posts, or any other kind of hardware.

Protective Coating

A layer of protection, typically an ultraviolet (UV) protective coat that keeps the sign water-resistant, to protect the sign from cracking soon after its installation.


In today’s rapidly changing global marketplace, brand reputation, sales, and success are all dependent on having the right promotional materials, including signage, posters, banners, etc. Outdoor advertising is still crucial for the long-term promotion of the business.

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Who can use static signage?

  • Retail Stores: Shops may draw in customers, showcase sales, and direct them to certain areas of the store with the use of fascia and shopfront signage, window graphics, and pavement signs.
  • Office Buildings: Businesses and office buildings can make their premises more presentable and easier to navigate by installing totems, direction signs, and nameplates.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Static signage is a useful tool for healthcare institutions like hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centres because it gives visitors and patients clear directions and makes it easier for them to traverse the complex layouts of these places.
  • ,Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities can create an organised learning environment by using static signage to direct students, teachers, and visitors to campus buildings, key announcements, and locations.

Applications of Static Signage

Almost all kinds of businesses can use static signage.
  • Retail Stores: Retail stores use fascia and shopfront signs, window graphics, and sidewalk signs with navigation to attract customers and direct them to specific areas of the store.
  • Office Buildings: Big statues, totems, and direction signs enhance access and orientation for clients and staff.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Proper visual cues, such as fingers that may display either clear direction signs or arrows, are critical for anyone who needs to navigate in and out of units located within the hospital or clinic.
  • Educational Institutions: Institutes commonly have signs that show visitors and students where they are, how to find their building, and general information.
  • Hospitality: The use of fascia signs, projecting signs, and light boxes can benefit hotels and restaurants because they serve to inform customers about their locations and the services they offer.
  • Heritage Signs: Heritage signs are used at historical sites to help people remember the essence of the places that are of historic interest.
  • Industrial Complexes: Safety signs and traffic signs are examples of pole-mounted signs that ensure safety and effectively convey directions within larger industrialised zones.
Offering Bespoke Digital Signage Products Across Various IndustriesFrom enhancing customer experiences to driving sales and revenue, digital signage can be momentous for businesses across industries. Signworld Group commits to develop signs that do more than just show words.

Benefits of using Static Signage

Making an investment in static signage comes with lots of benefits for businesses. 

  • Durability: Static signs are designed to remain static and fixed in place, as well as to endure different forms of weather; hence, they are more long-lasting.
  • Cost-Effective: Static signage, as its name indicates, is less expensive in the long run than digital signage because it doesn’t require electricity or frequent changes.
  • Brand Consistency: Static signs remain perpetually in place to provide a continuous message that serves as a constant visual reminder of the brand, thereby leading to long-term brand recognition.
  • Simplicity: These signs provide intuitive text-based meanings; as a result, they do not require the integration of technological components, making them simple to design and fix.
  • Versatility: There are a number of different materials and different kinds of static signage out there, and as a rule of thumb, a business can find both a suitable style and the required characteristics to be compatible with their brand.

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