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In the bustling streets of the UK, where every corner brings a new taste and aroma, standing out in the food and drink industry is no small feat. That’s where Signworld Group steps in with our cutting-edge Food & Drink Digital Signage. Picture this: a vivid, dynamic display that doesn’t just show your menu but brings it to life.

Imagine walking down a busy street, and your senses are greeted not just by the smells of freshly baked bread or brewing coffee but by an eye-catching Fast Food Signage vividly showcasing mouth-watering burgers or steaming lattes. This isn’t just signage; it’s an invitation, a sneak peek into the culinary journey you offer.



Network Digital
Menu Boards (32"-55")

Step into the future of menu displays with Signworld Group’s Network Digital Menu Boards, where innovation meets practicality. Perfectly designed for the hospitality industry, our 32″ digital menu board is not just a display; it’s a revolution in how customers interact with your menu.

Android Advertising Displays (19"-55")

Elevate your retail shop digital signage window displays to a new level of brilliance with the Ultra High Brightness Window Displays, available in sizes ranging from 43″ to 65″. Specially designed for outward-facing window displays, these units are a game-changer for shops and businesses aiming to make a striking visual impact, even in direct sunlight.

27” PCAP
Self Service Kiosk

Introducing Signworld Group’s 27” PCAP Self Service Kiosk – a cutting-edge solution for quick service restaurants and other fast-paced retail environments. This commercial self-ordering touchscreen kiosk is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a seamless integration of technology and convenience designed to enhance customer experience and streamline your service.

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Indeed, one of the hallmarks of our digital signage solutions at Signworld Group is their high degree of customizability. We understand that each business has its unique identity and operational needs, and our goal is to provide digital signage that perfectly aligns with those requirements.

Whether it's about matching the aesthetic of your brand or fitting the specific dimensions of your space, we can tailor our digital signage solutions to meet these needs. This includes customizing the size of the displays to fit different areas of your establishment, be it a compact space in a cozy café or a more expansive area in a large restaurant.

Color customization is another aspect we offer, allowing the signage to seamlessly integrate with your brand's color scheme and overall design ethos. This not only enhances brand consistency but also contributes to creating an immersive brand experience for your customers.

Updating content on our digital menu boards is remarkably straightforward and user-friendly. At Signworld Group, we prioritize not only the quality and aesthetics of our displays but also the ease with which they can be managed. Our digital menu boards come equipped with integrated network media players and WiFi connectivity, streamlining the content update process.

The key feature facilitating this ease of use is our cloud-based Content Management System (CMS). This system allows you to update your digital menu boards remotely, eliminating the need for physical access to each screen. Whether you want to change menu items, adjust pricing, or update promotional content, it can all be done with a few clicks from your computer or mobile device.

This remote accessibility is especially beneficial for businesses with multiple locations, as it ensures consistency across all your sites while saving time and resources. The CMS is intuitive and requires minimal technical knowledge, making it accessible to all members of your team.

Absolutely! Our food and drink digital signage solutions at Signworld Group are engineered to withstand the demands of 24/7 operation, catering to businesses that operate continuously, day and night. This includes our robust 27” PCAP Self Service Kiosk, among other products in our range.

Understanding that many businesses, especially in the food and beverage industry, function non-stop, our digital signage is designed with durability and reliability at its core. The components used in our products are of commercial grade, ensuring that they can handle the rigors of constant use without compromising on performance or longevity.

The 27” PCAP Self Service Kiosk, for example, is not only a customer-friendly interface for placing orders but is also built to remain operational and efficient at all hours. This is crucial for fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, and other 24/7 service providers where downtime is not an option.

Yes, many of Signworld's digital signage solutions offer the capability to update content remotely. This is particularly true for models that include integrated Android media players or optional network upgrades. Remote updating allows for real-time content management from anywhere, making it easy to keep the displayed information relevant, timely, and engaging without the need to physically access each display.

At Signworld Group, we are committed to ensuring not only the quality of our products but also the satisfaction and peace of mind of our clients. To this end, we provide comprehensive support and a robust standard warranty for all our digital signage products.

Our support package encompasses a range of services designed to assist you in every aspect of your digital signage experience. This includes dedicated technical support, where our team of experts is available to help troubleshoot any issues or provide guidance on the best use of your signage. Whether it's a question about installation, content management, or functionality, we're here to help.

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