Afrikana Kitchen's

Afrikana Kitchen's LED Innovation by Signworld

Afrikana Kitchen, known for its vibrant taste, wanted to make its restaurant not just a place to eat but an experience to remember. They reached out to us, Signworld Group, with a challenge: to install a unique 90-degree wraparound LED wall screen that plays 3D content, making their dining space truly one of a kind.

Our task was clear: create an engaging, bright, and sharp LED screen that wraps right around the restaurant’s wall. We designed this innovative signage UK to fit perfectly into the corner of Afrikana’s eating area, creating an immersive experience that starts the moment diners walk in.

The installation of the LED screen was a careful process, ensuring every inch from floor to ceiling was covered in vibrant, moving pictures. Now, the screen adds a dash of digital magic to meals, turning a night out into an exciting journey.

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