Menu Boards

Put up a menu board advertising your food selections and weekly promotions. You may use basic wall signage or more elaborate dry wipe panels on the ceiling images as restaurant menu boards.

From printed wall panels to chalkboard and dry-erase cafe menu boards to digital menu screens, the Menu display board has have you covered for all of your restaurant's menu board needs.

LED menu boards for restaurants or traditional menu boards are a vital part of any eating establishment. Be it a restaurant, bar, takeout, or cafe, they all need digital menu boards for restaurants.

Besides drawing attention to your menu, they may showcase some of your most enticing dishes, sweet finishes, and daily deals.

Custom menu boards may be made from a variety of materials, including the more inexpensive foamex, the more elegant acrylic, and the more durable aluminum composite, all of which can be constructed to suit your needs and your budget.

Digital menu screens and menu displays, complete with your own graphics and animations, are also available from Signworld.

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Why Go For Signworld Group to Get Restaurant Menu Boards?


Their team has expertise from a team of professionals with over two decades of service in the fields of print, design, and External signage.


We guarantee an instantaneous answer to your inquiry within the first hour


Signworld has an in-house design and project team. Hence, we are able to provide eye-catching restaurant menu boards for your next venture.


We offer a full complement of big format printing options in addition to graphic design and installation services for signs. So, whether you need a cafe menu board or a restaurant menu board, we are here to assist.

Signworld Menu Display Board Applications

Signworld is a cutting-edge solution for menu display boards. With its innovative technology and sleek design, it provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for creating, managing, and displaying menus and other content in a restaurant setting.

With Signworld’s Digital menu boards UK, restaurants can take advantage of a variety of applications. These include enhancing the customer experience, promoting their brand, and streamlining their operations.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are one of the most popular applications of Signworld menu boards for cafe. They offer a dynamic and interactive way to display menu items, prices, and specials. With Signworld, restaurants can easily create and manage their digital menu boards using a simple, user-friendly interface.

Restaurants can display their menu items in a variety of ways, including images, videos, and text. This makes it easier for customers to quickly find the items they are looking for. In addition, digital menu boards can be updated in real-time, allowing restaurants to quickly change prices or add new items.

Promotional Displays

In addition to displaying menu items, Signworld menu display boards can also be used to create and display promotional menus. Restaurants can use Signworld to create eye-catching displays that promote special offers, discounts, or upcoming new dishes. These displays can be customised to match the restaurant's branding and can be updated in real-time!

Daily Specials

Daily specials are an important part of any restaurant's menu, and Signworld makes it easy to display them in a visually appealing and dynamic way. Restaurants can create and manage their daily specials in real time, making it easy for customers to stay up-to-date. The ability of a digital menu board for cafe to quickly change the specials ensures that customers always have a fresh and exciting selection to choose from.

Tabletop Display

Signworld also offers a tabletop display solution for restaurants. This allows customers to view the menu items and specials directly from their table. This gives them an interactive and easy-to-use experience. The tabletop display or cafe menu board can be customised to match the restaurant's branding.

Integration with Point of Sale Systems

Signworld integrates with point of sale (POS) systems, allowing restaurants to streamline their operations and reduce the risk of errors. With Signworld, menu items and prices can be updated in real-time! This integration also makes it easier for restaurants to track sales and analyze customer data, giving them valuable insights.


LED Menu Boards For Restaurants

Put up digital menu boards for restaurants and see your business's traffic increase immediately. Restaurants that utilise lighted menus exude an air of sophistication and refinement, drawing in more customers.

To further facilitate reading, a backlit screen may illuminate the text. Using the micro magnets and the steel backplate, the menu display board can securely display up to four A4 pages. Display it on a wall or use the stand for the best experience.



Each of the numerous possible menu board layouts is unique and has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Take into account the particular requirements of your business to make an informed decision.



One sort of cafe menu board that has been around forever and is seeing a renaissance is the chalkboard. The use of chalkboards in a restaurant may let you show your creativity while also creating a warm, nostalgic atmosphere.

Among its many advantages is the fact that they can be regularly swapped out. On the other side, it's not quick to come up with fresh messages every day, particularly if you want them to appear well graphically.

A chalkboard might easily fail to engage prospective consumers if you and your staff lack imagination and artistic ability. The lack of visual appeal of chalkboards means that they wouldn't stand out much in the food court setting.


LED Menu Boards

Digital menu boards for restaurants are a great choice for businesses that often update their menus. In this way, they can present their new offerings in a polished and professional manner. They are also great alternatives to waiting for freshly printed signs to arrive whenever you need to make a change to your menu or advertise a deal or promotion.

You have complete editorial control over what customers see on most digital menu display board systems since you can do it from any computer. These menu boards are modern and sleek, making them perfect for a food court.

Moreover, they also send a message that you take your business and customers seriously!


Indoor Menu Boards

Common forms of restaurant signage include indoor menu boards. They may be constructed to order in any size, colour, with or without lights, and style that works best for your eatery. For good reason, this kind of menu display board has become the norm.

Our indoor restaurant menu boards for the offer are aesthetically pleasing, dependable, and won't break the bank. However, these menu boards cannot be modified after they have been created. Hence, they are best reserved for showing static information.


Are Restaurant Menu Boards Good For Outside?

If you're wondering whether or not this freestanding unit is sturdy enough for outside usage, the answer is a resounding "yes!" It is made out of heavy-duty coated steel. In fact, the use of LED lighting makes it perfect for luring in customers late at night. A concrete infill at the foot of the supporting pole helps keep the exhibit from toppling over.

You can keep your menus or posters safe in their display cases thanks to a key lock on the side. In this way, your cafe menu board is always safe and shining.

You may benefit from the adaptability of a design that reinforces brand values. Moreover, it allows for quick and easy price changes and the addition of new lines. All of this has been made possible by the guidance of the design team at Signworld.

Our Team At Signworld

Our team can help you choose from a variety of standard solutions. Moreover, you may create a system from scratch that is uniquely suited to your needs. This is crucial when implementing a new system throughout a decentralised organisation.

At Signworld, we have illuminated versions of LED menu boards for restaurants with images as well as the most cutting-edge digital options, such as LED matrix displays and banks of flat-screen TVs, all of which may be controlled by user-friendly software.

Newer systems provide centralised management of the displays on a "per site" basis, giving managers the freedom to tailor promotions. This allows for adjustment according to local tastes and seasonal fluctuations, or to strategically boost the sales.

Signworld is pleased to provide customers with demonstrations of working systems and can set up prototype components for the review!

Systems, above all else, must be malleable and user-friendly, frequently clever or quirky to fit their context. For a Farm Shop to stand out from the crowd, it might use design elements inspired by farm life or the surrounding landscape.