Types of Car Branding

Branding your car is an effective way to showcase your personal style, promote your business, or display custom graphics and messages. There are several major types of car branding to consider when deciding how to brand your vehicle. 

The right car branding can help spread awareness, improve your car’s look, and even create an extra source of income. Let’s take a complete look at the types of car branding in this article.

One of the most popular and effective ways to brand a car is with a full vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap covers the entire exterior of the car with a thin vinyl graphic. It transforms the look and feel of the car by displaying a colourful, eye-catching design.

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Vehicle wraps offer the largest and most visible surface area for displaying custom graphics. They allow for photo-realistic images, creative patterns and textures, bold colours, and essentially any graphics the client requests. Full wraps provide ample branding of real estate and maximum visual impact.

Here are some of the benefits of vehicle wraps:

  • Completely customises the exterior appearance
  • Protects paint from scratches and sun damage
  • Removable without damaging paint
  • Allows frequent graphic changes
  • Maximum visual impact from all angles

For those on a tighter budget or seeking simpler branding, partial wraps offer flexibility. Partial wraps cover only specific sections of the vehicle rather than enveloping the entire exterior.

Common partial wrap applications include:

  • Hood and roof wraps
  • Side panel graphics
  • Door wraps
  • Rear window designs
  • Bumper and wheel graphics

Partial wraps provide many of the same benefits as full wraps while also allowing portions of the original paint to show through. This can help retain a factory look while adding stylistic accents. They offer a cost-effective way to brand your car and draw attention while driving.

Vehicle lettering and decals offer affordable, customisable branding options. These graphics use cut vinyl in specific shapes, sizes, and styles. Common examples include:

  • Logos: Display your business’ logo proudly on your car doors or rear window. Repeat branding boosts public awareness.
  • Names & Titles: Add custom name and title details that identify who owns or operates the vehicle.
  • Messages: Decals can display special messages like “How am I driving?” to allow public feedback.
  • Contact Info: Listing phone numbers, emails, and website addresses provide 24/7 mobile advertising.

Lettering and decals apply quickly to any smooth, flat exterior surface. Their selective size and placement allow car owners to target their most important branding messages. Plus, they can enhance wraps with unique accents and contact information.

Custom car magnets offer temporary vehicle branding for special events, seasonal promotions, and frequently changing messages. Unlike permanent vinyl decals, car magnets are installed and removed in seconds while posing no risk to a car’s paint.

Their magnetic backing adheres securely to any steel exterior surface but detaches just as easily. Users can switch magnets anytime creative or messaging needs change.

Car magnet uses include:

  • Advertising special sales and time-sensitive promos
  • Supporting sports teams during season games
  • Spreading seasonal greetings and awareness messages
  • Promoting special events like festivals and races
  • Displaying inspirational quotes and personalised photos

Car magnets offer fast application and effortless changes to keep car branding fresh and flexible and convey the latest messages.

For the most eye-catching and long-lasting car branding, custom paint jobs allow unlimited design potential. Vibrant colours, artistic patterns like flames or camo, and even airbrushed landscapes transform the entire vehicle into a moving canvas.

Paint allows car owners to incorporate their unique style into every surface. It offers seamless, flowing designs across body lines. Paint also outlasts any wrap or decal, bonding as one with the car for its lifetime.

Here are the main paint jobs:

  • Solid colours – Switch standard paint to a vibrant, head-turning hue
  • Two-tone paint – Blend and fade multiple colours for added depth
  • Artistic airbrush – Flowing, painterly designs like landscapes
  • Texture painting – Use layers, splatters, and dots for dimension
  • Pattern work – Flames, camo, tribal graphics make a statement

With endless paint types, special effects, and application techniques, custom paints enable car owners to treat their vehicles as a brand ambassador and artistic showpieces. Vivid colours, dimensional textures, and eye-catching graphics maximise visual impact.

No matter which graphics you choose, keep these tips in mind:

  • Goals – Identify what messages you want to get across and how you want your car to represent you or your business. Match the graphics to your end goal.
  • Visibility – Bigger, bolder designs garner more attention, while subtle accents blend in better with factory paint. Consider the colours, size, and placement based on needed visibility.
  • Budget – Wraps offer the most branding real estate but at a higher cost. Lettering costs less but shows less. Set a budget to narrow the branding possibilities.
  • Maintenance – Car branding adds aesthetic value but requires proper care. Wash vinyl wraps carefully and watch for lifting edges or bubbles. Touch up paint chips quickly to prevent corrosion.
  • Laws – Certain tint levels, covered lights, or special effects may violate regional vehicle laws. Ensure the designs and placement meet local regulations.

Properly matched and cared-for car branding makes a huge visual impact while conveying special messaging. With numerous applications and design options, you can create a rolling brand ambassador ready to spread your unique story.

Branding is a crucial aspect of marketing for car manufacturers. The kind of branding a corporation utilises relies on the company’s aims, target market and brand personality. Badging is the conventional method that clearly demonstrates the make and type. Lifestyle branding links a vehicle to an image or emotion desired.

Human branding depends on celebrities who validate some of the brand’s qualities. Symbolic branding employs visual icons and logos in order to create an abstract association with the car. And heritage branding stresses the past and ancestry of the brand.

For businesses wishing to execute a sound branding strategy, it could be beneficial to collaborate with a reputable sign maker. With well over 25 years of experience in producing top-quality signage as well as graphic designs that enhance auto brands, Signworld Group can make all the difference!

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