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Let's Make Your Signage Dreams a Reality!

Let's Make Your Signage Dreams a Reality!

Turn Heads with Custom Vehicle Graphics

Get noticed wherever you roam! Signworld Group specialises in creating eye-catching vehicle graphics and wraps for cars, vans, and trucks, helping you advertise your business while you’re on the move.

With years of experience in the field, we’re the go-to experts for designing, printing and installing high-quality vehicle graphics, including car decals, van wraps, and delivery truck decals. Whether it’s vans, trucks, trailers, or cars, we handle each project with precision and care, ensuring your company vehicles become effective mobile marketing tools.

Your brand deserves the best exposure possible. Did you know that delivery trucks and service cars can be seen by over 70,000 pairs of eyes each day? That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering premium custom vehicle graphics and vinyl lettering that maintain their vibrancy for years to come. Trust us to showcase your brand professionally and effectively wherever you go!

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Achieve Long-Term Marketing Value with Custom Vehicle Graphics

Traditional marketing methods come and go, but custom corporate vehicle graphics stand the test of time. While commercials fade in a few seconds and online campaigns last mere weeks, custom-wrapped cars and trucks offer longevity that few other marketing channels can match. With a three- to six-year or more lifespan, depending on upkeep and storage, these graphics provide unmatched value for your investment.

Custom vehicle wraps can endure for years, unlike other marketing materials with short lifespans. Most warranties cover custom vehicle wraps for up to five years, ensuring peace of mind for the long term. These custom vehicle wraps are durable and safe to remove or exchange during their warranty period.

Signworld Group uses top-notch printing technology and resilient materials to deliver the finest vehicle wraps. Our solvent-long-life inks and water- and UV-resistant coatings ensure that your vinyl car wrap maintains its quality and appearance over time.

Make Your Brand Stand Out on the Road with Vehicle Graphics

From colourful vans to boldly adorned food trucks, custom vehicle wraps are attention-grabbing marketing tools. Whether it’s a fully wrapped food truck or a fleet of partially wrapped company cars, these graphics accentuate your brand and attract attention.

Car side graphics UK effectively capture the attention of both passive observers and actively engaged audiences. They serve as mobile billboards, instantly conveying essential business details such as your name, logo, website, and social media handles. By surprising and engaging viewers, these wraps increase brand visibility and are more likely to be remembered, turning passing drivers into potential customers. Custom vehicle graphics and fleet wraps make converting attention into tangible marketing results achievable and impactful.

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Customise Your Ride with Eye-Catching Custom Vehicle Wraps

Ready to turn heads and advertise your business on the go? Look no further! At Signworld Group, we specialise in creating completely customised vehicle wraps tailored to your needs, regardless of size. As experts in large-format printing, we use premium materials that look fantastic and withstand UV exposure for long-lasting durability. Don’t miss this cost-effective opportunity to grab attention and expand your brand’s reach.


The durability of a vehicle wrap can vary, but generally, it can last between 7 to 10 years on the vehicle. Factors such as the quality of the materials used, the expertise of the installer, and proper vehicle preparation before installation all influence the wrap’s lifespan.

The cost of vehicle graphics varies depending on several factors, such as the vehicle’s square footage, curvature, chosen materials, and coverage area. Whether you opt for removable options like vehicle magnets or full vehicle wraps, our team will help you find the perfect solution that aligns with your needs and budget.

Yes, the vehicle wrap can be removed without damaging the paint, provided that the paint is in good condition. However, don’t remove the wrap yourself, as it could potentially harm the vehicle’s paint. It’s best to leave the removal process to professionals.

Generally, there aren’t significant differences in graphic design, vinyl selection, or application techniques based on vehicle type. However, pricing may vary, with truck wraps typically requiring more materials. Despite these differences, the installation process remains consistent across different vehicles in your fleet.

Let's Make Your Signage Dreams a Reality!


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