Flex Face Signage

Let's Make Your Signage Dreams a Reality!

Let's Make Your Signage Dreams a Reality!

Flex Your Brand with Custom Flex face light box signage

Make a bold impression with Signworld Group’s sleek custom flex signage. Our smooth, durable signs effortlessly contour any surface to showcase your brand from exciting new angles. See your logo and messaging come alive in vibrant colour and dimension on walls, stands, pillars and more with our lightweight yet robust flex sign solutions designed to flex your brand.

Whether in retail stores, corporate offices or trade shows, Signworld Group’s custom flex signage amplifies aesthetics and brand visibility. Made using lightweight vinyl, our contour-hugging signs effortlessly adhere to curving walls, structural pillars, display fixtures and more without surface damage. With vibrant, full-colour graphics stretching across their sleek build, your logo and messaging pop off these signs for high visibility across diverse settings.

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Why Should You Have A Custom Flex Signage?

Investing in a custom flex face sign from Signworld Group provides an innovative, eye-catching way to showcase your brand’s visual identity. The slim, pliable nature of these signs allows for versatile branding opportunities that rigid flat signs simply cannot offer. Flex signs contour to fit varied surfaces, bending and shaping themselves to walls, columns, glass exteriors, counters, display units, vehicles and more. 

This allows your logo, messaging and imagery to maintain top visibility even in confined spaces with irregular dimensions – flowing smoothly across lobbies, halls, booths and information counters without disruptive edges. Furthermore, our flex signage solutions are designed to withstand long-term exposure in both indoor and outdoor environments. Constructed from lightweight yet robust materials like fade and weather-resistant vinyl and UV inks, they retain vibrancy and structural integrity for years with minimal maintenance.

Flexible to Fit Any Surface and Space

What sets Signworld Group’s flex signs apart is their ability to contour any surface you affix them to. The slim profile and pliable vinyl construction bend effortlessly to hug the sleek curves, angles and indentations of walls, columns, glass windows, counters, display cases, vehicles and more. This enables your brand messaging to shine brightly even in confined retail spaces and lobbies with irregular dimensions or protruding elements. 

Our flex signage solutions smoothly stretch across passageways, booths and counters for uninterrupted visibility. For UK brands struggling with rigid flat signage that looks disjointed and abrupt, especially on non-flat surfaces, our versatile flex signs offer a sleek, customisable alternative. Installation is also simplified as the lightweight material avoids surface damage while shaping itself.

Lightweight Yet Durable

While flex signs by Signworld Group contour with ease, they do not compromise on structural durability. Made from robust vinyl, polycarbonate and composite substrates, our custom signs are lightweight enough for easy installation yet strong enough to maintain integrity across years of exposure. Vibrant UV-resistant inks retain colour richness for 5-7 years outdoors and 7-10 years inside before needing replacement. Built to withstand humidity, heat, cold and moisture, these low-maintenance signs deliver stunning visual presence while resisting warping, fading, cracks or peels – outperforming cheaper rigid options.


Flex signage refers to signs constructed using thin, flexible materials that allow the signs to curve, contour, wrap, and adhere smoothly to various surfaces like walls, vehicles, fixtures, and architectural elements without appearing rigid or flat.

A flex face refers to the flexible vinyl front surface and printed graphics of a flex sign that is able to bend and shape to fit the contours of the surface it is mounted on without creasing or damaging the image quality.

The flexible, durable cloth material frequently used to create weatherproof graphic flex face outdoor signs is front-lit scrim vinyl. This lightweight polyester fabric offers weather resistance while allowing inks and graphics to remain clearly visible in sunlight.

Some common flexible fabrics are ideal for constructing vibrant, contouring flex signage, including polyester fabrics like front-lit scrim, backlit block out, mesh, and perforated vinyl substrates. These are durable and suitable for outdoor usage.

Flex signage is better for contouring and shaping irregular surfaces because of the flexible fabric face materials. However, vinyl substrates tend to be more vibrant and durable for flat outdoor signs. So, it depends on the application.

Let's Make Your Signage Dreams a Reality!


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