Illuminated Signs

Illuminating your signage always makes a statement and ensures that you are seen during the dark evenings or drives home your product instore, allowing you to promote your brand to its full potential 24/7.

  • 12 V Led/Rgb Lighting
  • Lighting Consumables
  • Trough & Overhead Lighting
  • Energy Efficient Solar Lighting/Signs
  • Built-up 3D Lettering
  • Flexible Faced Signs
  • Tray Signage With Relief Lettering
  • Halo Illumination
  • Window Displays

There are several uses for halo-lit 3D writing that include commercial or company premises as well as restaurants, pubs, and shops. Your custom writing is illuminated by LED modules. They produce a halo effect that is mirrored behind each letter in this style of signage. 

We provide a wide range of illuminated signs UK with colour options, including LEDs that can change colour.

Face-lighted 3D writing is a popular option for the hospitality sector, storefront signs, and office buildings because it makes your company stand out at all hours of the day and night. To ensure that your company's finest face is always on display, consider installing an illuminated sign on your building's outside. 

To provide excellent lighting at a low operating cost, we make use of LED modules with high output and low power.

Signs with a Neon LED Effect

Low voltage LEDs that run cool to the touch make LED neon signs a safe neon sign option. Hence, this is best for a location where it is likely that you have to carry the neon signs. Moreover, our neon effect signs have a high gloss coating for a genuine glass appearance and utilise high quality LED modules to provide bright and clear light free of spots.

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Trough Light

After-dark visibility is a must-have by our custom illuminated signs. Lighting a trough is less expensive than adding an illuminated sign and may be retrofitted to your current signage. 

There are no limited lengths for trough sign illumination, and the strong outdoor LED signage can down-light signs up to 2.5 metres long. They work perfectly well for illuminated exit signs, and illuminated logo sign for your business.

Using a Lightbox to Project Signs

Lightbox signs that project full-face lighting and sit at right angles to your business are what we call projecting lightbox signs. LED modules to illuminate long-lasting, low-voltage, and energy-efficient acrylic panels for the signage. 

Any normal RAL colour may be applied to your sign's anodized aluminium surface.

LED Lightbox Signs for the Walls

In the dark, wall-mounted lightbox signs are easy to see and may be tailored to meet your specific needs. These signs are lighted by high-brightness LED modules that are low voltage, energy efficient, and very long-lasting. 

A silver anodized finish or any standard RAL colour powder coating are also options for your wall-mounted sign. They can be best utilized as illuminated logo sign for your business - either inside or outside the facility.

Using Illuminated Signs for Better Visibility

Using illuminated signage, you can make your store or company more visible at all hours of the day or night. We have some terrific alternatives for lit signs, and you may use each of them for a variety of different applications. 

Most of our signs work equally well for outdoor use and are able to withstand the British weather for years to come. Moreover, all of our signs are constructed to meet or exceed the most stringent safety requirements for outdoor electrical installations, including being energy efficient (if made for outdoor usage).

Why Choose SignWorld Group?

Energy Efficient

We use only low-voltage LED modules in every one of our lit signs. Therefore, our services are energy efficient and have a high level of brightness.

Visually Stimulating

You can make your company stand out at all hours of the day and night with the help of illuminated signs.

An Individually Designed Product

They are all handcrafted in the UK and made to order to ensure that every sign is absolutely unique.


With decades of expertise, our experts can help you with anything from the finest sign for your project to full-scale administration.

Completely Approved

Your health and safety will is in safe hands since we adhere to strict signage installation and protection guidelines.

Simple Quotations

Quotations that are clear and concise for simple purchasing and budgeting. 

Outdoor LED Signage

LED displays to provide unrivalled value in terms of cost, performance, durability, and efficacy when compared to other display options for digital signage and advertising. 

When placed in strategic areas, they become the primary eye-ball magnets, and when combined with the right kind of information, they may become a cost-effective and efficient means of advertising or promoting a company, product, or service.

SignWorld Group is an industry leader in the design, fabrication, and installation of outdoor LED Signage solutions to meet the indoor and outdoor advertising needs of our customers.

By providing prospective clients with high-definition sneak peeks of your wares, LED screens are an excellent tool for attracting the attention of people that your company deserves and growing your customer base.

Simply give us a call now, and one of our specialists will walk you through the full process of creating your custom LED Screens signs order via our company.

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