Dynamic Digital Displays Consisting of a Single Line With Scrolling Text

Our single line display with programmable scrolling text are an excellent option for usage both inside and outside of a building since they come in a wide array of colours to pick from.

Ultra-Bright Technology for Single-Line Digital Displays for the Greatest Possible Effect

Text and other information may be readily communicated using our single line display in a manner that is both straightforward and efficient.Our displays are the optimal choice for situations in which your message may be conveyed with a single sentence. Both the seven segment dot matrix displays and the single line LED display are constructed around a modular structure, which enables them to be scaled to any size without compromising their functionality. 

Our single line displays are an excellent option for using both indoors and outside due to the wide range of colours from which customers may pick. With auto-dim capabilities, you may display your message around the clock without having a negative impact on the environment or running up costly expenditures. This enables a reduction in the amount of energy used overnight without a corresponding reduction in the effectiveness of your message. 

Your message will be shown well while at the same time saving you money!

Signworld Single Line LED Display

LED text displays and message Bill boards, which are offered by Signworld, are an excellent choice for situations in which you have to immediately communicate information to audiences of any size.Our LED display boards are intended to be deployed in settings where information must be communicated in a manner that is both understandable and effective. They will express your message in a way that is both obvious and effective, whether it is to welcome and educate visitors, provide crucial information to workers, or show promotional messages. 

Our LED scrolling displays are perfect for use in conference halls, offices, hospitals, theatres, schools, factories, and any other venue or facility where a large number of people congregate. This is why they are so popular.

What Kinds of Things Can You Accomplish With an Electronic Message Board That Scrolls?

You may display up to one hundred lines of text, and you can mix and match various font sizes to help get your point through. On our bigger screens, you may use more than 100 characters per line.Use characters are bold to draw attention to the important parts of your message. You may show European characters and visual symbols, including the signs for the various currencies. You may make your messages more engaging and fascinating by changing the scrolling speed and the direction. Make your words visible in full colour with our LED scrolling light signs that support all colours.

We provide single line LED display signs for both indoor and outdoor use! With our outdoor signs meet the requirements of IP65, and our window installations use Ultrabright LEDs to reduce the glare caused by the sun.Our software is very simple to use and intuitive, so it is easy to configure our programmable LED signs that can be used both inside and outdoors. These signs can be updated fast and effectively. In the event that you have more sophisticated needs for your scrolling advertising sign, we are able to devise a tailor-made solution that will make it simple for you to update your scrolling LED sign.

Simple in Operation

Utilizing our software on a personal computer is the simplest method to get our LED moving message displays up to date. TCP/IP networking, radio or telephone modems, Newswire services, and short message service (SMS) are some of the other ways of communication that may be used with our LED message boards.Please get in touch with us if you have any special questions or want any further technical information.We are able to provide our customers with an extensive selection of LED screens and displays, including single line LED display signs, compact LED boards, electronic message boards for workplaces, and LED sign boards for automobiles. 

No matter what requirements you have for your LED sign, we will find a solution that meets them!


The tremendous visibility that LED scrolling displays and LED signage provide, particularly when used at night, makes them the perfect choice for displaying your message in highly trafficked public areas.


Displays and signs that scroll may serve a variety of functions, including advertising, disseminating information, and even serving as a simple means of producing a visual show. You may alter the material that is chosen with only a tap or two on a touch screen.


LED scrolling displays utilize a great deal less electricity to illuminate each line of text compared to more conventional lighting systems, making them more friendly to the environment.


Displays and signage that use LED scrolling technology are an efficient and inexpensive method to get your message across. Our solutions help keep running expenses down, whether it's a one- or two-line text message or a complete graphic display.You may choose for LEDs that have a regular brightness or LEDs that are really bright. You have the ability to put hundreds of different phrases into our programmable LED signs - thanks to our software. 

You may grab people's attention by using individualized fonts and text heights, and the answer is simple for your company to implement.Products such as our elegant multi-size LED signs that combine cutting-edge technology with upscale aesthetics are available. We are here to assist you in finding the ideal LED sign for your business, regardless of the messages that it is necessary for your organization to communicate.

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