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In the fast-paced UK entertainment sector, staying ahead means adopting innovative solutions. Signworld Group’s digital and static signage solutions offer you that competitive edge, ensuring your venue remains a step ahead in both appeal and functionality.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our energy-efficient entertaining digital signage signs, reducing operational costs and supporting your business’s eco-friendly initiatives. This approach not only helps the environment but also aligns with the growing consumer preference for sustainable practices.



LCD Video Walls (49"&55")

Transform your digital retail signage with the sleek, sophisticated Slimline Pro Advertising Displays. These stunning displays, available in sizes from 19″ to 55″, combine the aesthetics of a tablet with the robustness of a mild steel enclosure and tempered glass, delivering a high-end, captivating experience for your customers.

Android Advertising Displays

Signworld Group proudly presents our range of Android Advertising Displays, available in sizes from 19″ to 55″. These displays are not just tools for advertising; they embody a fusion of elegance, durability, and state-of-the-art technology, setting a new standard in digital signage.

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The eco-friendly design of Signworld Group's displays offers multiple benefits for businesses. Firstly, the LED backlight technology significantly lowers power consumption, leading to reduced energy costs. Secondly, the eco-friendly power timer ensures the displays are only active when needed, avoiding unnecessary energy use. This not only saves on operational costs but also aligns with the growing consumer preference for sustainable business practices. By using these eco-friendly displays, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility, which can enhance brand image and appeal to environmentally conscious customers.

Yes, Signworld Group's displays are highly customizable to suit specific entertainment venues. Whether it’s for sports bars, concert halls, or theatres, these displays can be tailored in terms of content, orientation (portrait or landscape), and connectivity options. The flexibility in content management through the integrated Android media player allows venues to display targeted, venue-specific content, enhancing the customer experience. Additionally, the sleek design and robust build make them suitable for various entertainment environments, ensuring that they complement the aesthetic and functional needs of different spaces.

Utilizing Signworld Group's entertainment digital signage in sports venues offers numerous advantages. These displays enhance the fan experience by providing vibrant and dynamic content, such as live game feeds, replays, and stats. The high-definition and wide viewing angles ensure that content is visible and engaging from different vantage points. The ability to operate 24/7 means that these displays can be used for continuous information broadcasting, advertising, and promotion, increasing revenue opportunities. Additionally, the robust build and easy content management make them ideal for the high-energy and frequently changing environment of sports venues.

Signworld Group prioritizes durability and longevity in our Android Advertising Displays. These displays are built with commercial-grade components designed for continuous use. The robust mild steel enclosure and tempered glass face provide protection against wear and tear, making them suitable for high-traffic areas. The internal components are of high quality, ensuring reliable performance over extended periods. Additionally, the smart temperature control system maintains optimal operating conditions, reducing the risk of overheating and component damage, further extending the lifespan of the displays.

Signworld Group's entertainment signage solutions are designed to significantly enhance customer engagement. These solutions provide a dynamic and interactive way to present content, attracting and retaining customer attention. For instance, in a retail setting, digital signage can showcase product demos, promotions, and brand stories in an engaging manner. In entertainment venues, these signs can enhance the ambience and provide interactive experiences, such as social media feeds or interactive games. The high-quality displays ensure that the content is vivid and captivating, creating memorable experiences for customers.

In entertainment settings, the types of content best suited for Signworld Group’s Android Advertising Displays include dynamic advertising, event promotions, interactive content like quizzes or games, social media feeds, live event streaming, and informational content such as schedules or menus. The versatility of these displays allows for a mix of static and animated content, catering to diverse audience preferences. The high-resolution and vibrant displays make them ideal for visually rich content, enhancing the overall ambience and engaging visitors more effectively.

Signworld Group offers comprehensive support to clients for integrating Android Advertising Displays into their existing systems. This includes technical assistance in connecting the displays with various AV inputs, and ensuring compatibility with existing media players or networks. The team provides guidance on content management through the integrated Android media player and can offer solutions for networked content updates if needed. Additionally, Signworld Group's lifetime technical support ensures that clients have ongoing assistance for any challenges they might face, ensuring seamless integration and operation of the displays in their specific environments.

Signworld Group's Android Advertising Displays are exceptionally versatile, making them ideal for catering to diverse audience demographics across various settings. In retail environments, these displays can be used to showcase products in a compelling way, appealing to shoppers of all ages. For corporate settings, they provide a professional medium for presenting information, brand values, or real-time data. In educational contexts, they can be used to display interactive learning content or campus information, engaging students and staff. 

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