Chopstix - Casestudy

Chopstix Case Study

Chopstix and Signworld Group teamed up to spice up Wrexham’s streets with some flashy new signs. Our goal? To cook up signage that not only points you to great food but also feeds your brand’s fame.

We, as a signs maker, mixed Chopstix’s fiery branding with our cool design skills to create a storefront that’s hard to miss. Think bright, built-up letters and a sign shaped like chopsticks that practically says, “Come on in!”

The grand opening was a feast for the eyes! Our signs helped make Chopstix the talk of the town and got people queuing up for a taste. It showed us all how the right sign can make a difference.

Fancy giving your place a bit of that Signworld pizzazz? Whether you’re after something classic or a bit more out there, we’re the crew you need.

Contact us, and let’s get your business out there for everyone to see, just like we did with Chopstix. 

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