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Need “Sign Manufacturers Near Me”? Look no further than Signworld Group, one of the leading sign manufacturers in the UK. When you need new signs made and installed in your area, it is time to turn to Signworld Group.

Strategically located manufacturing facilities are spread all over the UK, making it possible for you to have a production site near you. This will lead to short delivery times and reduced transportation costs related to buying signs.

Here, we will delve deeper into the sign-making process employed by Signworld Group and why they are one of the best sign makers in the UK near your location. Keep reading further so as to know how Signworld Group can help you make signage for your project, which may be big or small.

What Does Our Signage Manufacturing Process Look Like?

Signworld Group utilises state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to produce top-quality signage built to last. Here is an overview of what our sign manufacturing process entails from start to finish:

Consultation and Design

The process starts with an initial consultation where we discuss your signage needs, specifications, materials, sizes, locations and any relevant local regulations. Our team helps you determine the optimal sign design to achieve your goals.

We then create a computer-generated proof for approval before moving forward with production. This allows you to visualise the end result and make any necessary tweaks.

Material Selection and Preparation

Once the design is approved, we select the appropriate materials to bring your signs to life. This includes substrates like aluminium, steel, acrylic, wood and more. The materials are carefully inspected and prepared for the production process.

For example, metal substrates may need to be cut to size, routed or sanded. Rigid plastic materials like acrylic may require polishing or applying protective film. Proper material prep helps ensure quality results.

Sign Fabrication

Next, the sign fabrication process begins. This involves using techniques like:

  • Computer numerical control (CNC) routing for precision cutting of letters, logos and shapes from substrate materials
  • Metal fabrication, like welding and bending for sign cabinets and structures
  • Vinyl application and digital printing for decorative and informational sign faces
  • Painting, powder coating and screen printing to add colours, text and graphics

Our experienced production team executes each step expertly to create durable and attractive signs.


For signs that will be mounted externally, such as on a building facade or free-standing signpost, we also offer professional installation services.

Our installers have the necessary equipment and expertise to properly mount and erect signs while adhering to safety regulations. They can be installed on walls, poles, monuments and a variety of surfaces.

Inspection and Delivery

Before delivery or installation, each sign goes through a quality control check to ensure it meets specifications. We carefully inspect the materials, fabrication, graphics application and overall appearance.

Once approved, the finished sign products are securely packaged and delivered to your location. Our streamlined process results in signs being produced accurately and efficiently every time.

Why Choose Signworld Group for Sign Manufacturers Near You?

There are many reasons to choose Signworld Group when looking for reputable sign makers in your area:

UK-Wide Coverage

With production facilities throughout the UK, including in Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, and London, Signworld Group can easily service customers locally. There is likely a manufacturing site close to your location for convenience.

High-Quality Products

Using advanced equipment and techniques, we fabricate signs built to last for years while meeting the latest standards. Our signs will maintain their appearance and performance.

Experienced Teams

From our design consultants to production crew to installers, Signworld Group employs experienced signage professionals focused on delivering exceptional products and services.

Full-Service Offerings

We handle the entire process from initial design through manufacturing and installation. With one experienced partner, you can get commercial signs exactly how you need them.

Fast Turnaround

Our network of locations and streamlined production capabilities allow us to fulfill sign orders rapidly. We can produce and ship signs in as little as a few business days.

Customer Satisfaction

Signworld Group has earned a reputation for excelling at customer service and satisfaction. We offer reliable follow-through on every job.


By producing signs in-house and locally, we can offer very competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. Get the most value for your sign budget.

When you require professional sign solutions in your local area, Signworld Group has the capabilities and experience to fulfill your needs. Contact us today to get started!


When searching for “Sign Manufacturers Near Me”, look no further than industry leader Signworld Group. With multiple sign production facilities conveniently located throughout the UK, they can provide you with high-quality interior and exterior business signs fabricated and installed by experienced teams.

Signworld Group has a proven sign manufacturing process that results in attractive, custom signs built to last. They handle everything from initial design consultations through production and installation. With robust capabilities, competitive pricing, and excellent customer satisfaction, Signworld Group is an ideal partner for your local signage needs. Contact us today to get started on your sign project.


What is the largest sign company in the UK?

Signworld Group is one of the largest and most recognised sign fabrication and installation companies in the United Kingdom. With manufacturing facilities located throughout the country, they have the capacity to produce high volumes of signs while maintaining quick turnaround times.

Who manufactures UK road signs?

Many of the road and highway signs you see across the UK’s motorways and roads are manufactured by Signworld Group. As one of the nation’s most trusted road sign manufacturers, Signworld has the technology, skills and experience to produce durable traffic signs and highway signage that adhere to official UK regulations.

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