CCTV Signage Initiative Reduced Town Crime By 26% in Ipswich

A new initiative involving the strategic use of CCTV signage has been warmly welcomed by the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) due to its notable impact on crime rates. 

The initiative, which was launched in Ipswich in 2022, has been linked to a significant 26% drop in crime, a statistic that has been hailed as a triumph for community safety.

The CCTV signage scheme was primarily designed to curb anti-social behaviour by drawing the public’s attention to the presence of surveillance cameras. The initiative saw the installation of these signs at over 20 strategic locations across the town, effectively increasing the coverage and visibility of the CCTV system.

Tim Passmore, Suffolk’s PCC, expressed his optimism about the scheme’s potential and his desire to extend the initiative to other parts of the county. In his words, “We’ve got some wonderful market towns from Beccles to Framlingham and we need to do what we possibly can do collectively to keep people safe and crime levels down,”

The Science Behind the Signs

The design of the signs was influenced by international research that pointed to the effectiveness of eye imagery in deterring people from engaging in anti-social behaviour. The signs serve the dual purpose of highlighting the presence of CCTV and reminding individuals of the natural surveillance provided by the public. This blend of technological and natural surveillance is aimed at creating an environment that discourages criminal activity.

The CCTV signage initiative was made possible through funding from the government’s Safer Streets 4 fund. The successful implementation of the scheme was a collaborative effort involving Ipswich Borough Council, the police, and other agencies. The council revealed that the initiative played a significant role in supporting the 26% reduction in crime since July 2022.

The council and its partner agencies were granted £499,588 to provide training, boost resources, and acquire equipment aimed at challenging misconceptions and boosting public confidence in the area.

The Aftermath: A Safer Ipswich

Looking to the future, Mr Passmore emphasised the desire to ensure Ipswich is recognised as a safe town. The PCC stated, “I hope going forward we can make sure people realise Ipswich is a good town, it is a safe place to visit and this is exactly what we need.”

The police and their partners have given credit to the town’s comprehensive CCTV coverage for its role in securing convictions in the murder case of teenager Raymond James Quigley. 

Mr Passmore expressed his conviction that the initiative had been worthwhile, citing the case as an example of its effectiveness: “The fact that we were able to collect the evidence via CCTV cameras and bring the offenders to justice is of course exactly what we want.”

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