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Introducing SmartFab Metal Fabrications

Friday, February 4th, 2011

SmartFab specialise in the design and fabrication of all metals and plastics for the industry.

With over 15 years experience working with leading brands throughout the UK and around the world, SmartFab pride themselves on the quality of their work, the expertise of their people, their ability to understand customers needs and the most advanced machinery available to the market.

SmartFab’s skilled and experienced fabricators coupled with the most advanced machinery available. SmartFab can take concepts and turn them into physical, high-quality finished products. With the ability to CNC, Profile, Cut, Fold, Bend and Spray materials such as Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminum and more.

Also specialising in the forming of Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC and Poly products, ensuring SmartFab really are the leaders in creating bespoke plastic creations. With our team of in-house designers and state of the art CNC profiling equipment; SmartFab see your project through from concept to completion at the highest standard.

On Thursday February 3rd 2011, the SmartFab website, created by Signworld Media, went live. Along with a new website, SmartFab is also on twitter, giving updates and images on work they produce. You can follow SmartFab on twitter here: @smartfabuk.

You can visit SmartFab online here:

Signworldgroup Chester Go Karting!

Friday, February 26th, 2010

As active members of the the Best of Chester last week the Signworld team were invited out on a networking event Go Karting!,

As we’re not all hard work and no play, we thought a team go-karting event would be a great idea! So we headed on down to The circuit for a very hot and action packed evening of go-karting endurance racing.

After an exciting (and pretty tiring) 4 hours, with 46 people racing, 3 of the Signworld team qualified for the semi final’s amongst 12 other competitors!. The semi finals consisted of 3 heats, 6 people in a heat where the first 2 qualify for the final!. As law would have it, unfortunately the entire Signworld team were drawn in the SAME heat and so it was apparent 1 would definitely not qualify. That 1 was our Studio Manager Jay who was clipped on the first corner causing him to spin!.
Our dark horse Peter won the race with our Works Director John coming in 2nd place!, They were through to the final.

The final race consisted of 6 people, 2 of these were Signworld employees (We’re that good!). The race was 6 laps in total, Peter started in 2nd position on the grid, and John 5th. Unfortunately, on the same corner as Jay had earlier spun on, John was clipped from behind and his race was over within the first lap, It was all down to our Pete to gain a podium place!.

Peter held his position throughout the race but unfortunately lost it on the last lap, he finished 4th.

Recognition went to our managing director Allan for his spectacular crash into a fellow competitor causing him to be disqualified!

Signworld handed brief!

Monday, February 22nd, 2010 was established in 1993, The website enables consumers to compare prices on a range of products, including mortgages, credit cards and loans. The company is based in Chester, North Wales, but its online presence is known globally. has recently undergone a rebrand (You may have noticed their ads all over your TV recently!) and as such required new signage for their offices, both interior and exterior. rebrand with Omid Djalili rebrand with Omid Djalili

Signworld group have been preferred supplier to ever since it appeared on the scene and as a direct result were handed the brief to manufacture the new signage.

Moneysupermarkets old signage was looking very tired and dull.

Old, tired signage

Old, tired signage

Signworld were given free, creative reign on the manufacture of the new signage for Money Supermarket and as such suggested the company would benefit more from an internally, led illuminated sign, finished with a polished chrome return.

Below you will see some shots of the latest signs, we love it!, what are your thoughts?

New signage manufactured by Signworld group

New signage manufactured by Signworld group

New signage manufactured by Signworld group

New signage manufactured by Signworld group

New signage manufactured by Signworld group

New signage manufactured by Signworld group

Give a visit now by clicking their logo below!