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A Signworld Place in the Sun

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

A Place in the Sun.

Allan & Helen Stephenson, Directors at the Signworld Group, have been attending exhibitions for the last few years and attended last years ‘A Place in the Sun’ exhibition held at Birmingham’s NEC Arena. Allan, Managing Director at Signworld Group and Helen, Finance Director, have been researching business opportunities in both Europe and America and have been actively establishing connections in these countries for some time and went along to meet Johnny, Jasmine and the expert teams on hand to guide entrepreneurial directors interested in exporting their brand and to get some financial and legal advice in the complexities of starting a business abroad.

Allan explains: “Signworld Group have developed into one of the leading and most respected advertising companies in the United Kingdom today, the group increased its turnover by over 40% last year whilst in the middle of a recession and puts this down to diversification into other areas of the business whilst concentrating on the quality of our manufactured goods, combined with a first class training & salary packages for our long serving and dedicated work force, the formula has proved to be a successful one which has lead the company into researching other European and American markets.”

Following their discussion with Johnny & Jasmine they invited Helen &  Allan to participate in a screen test for the forthcoming A Place in the Sun show “Home or Away” and were invited to appear on the show in the forthcoming series. Allan explains “We are keen to appear in the programme but unfortunately cannot allocate the required time at this point due to business commitments, we have however spoken to A Place in the Sun’s production company, Freeform Productions, and are planning to appear on the show at some point in the near future.”

Watch this space!!

Click below to see the full page article featuring Allan and Helen.

New Mersey Glows again with Sign Maintenance UK

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Sign Maintenance UK, part of the Signworld Group of companies, are a UK based signage manufacturing company with over 20 years of industry experience working with the largest brands from all sectors. Providing a comprehensive service to the sign industry, from sign installation, sign maintenance, sign servicing, sign repair and sign renovation, all of which is executed by the most highly qualified sign engineers within the industry.

Sign Maintenance UK, the Signworld maintenance division, were recently contacted by New Mersey Retail Park on Speke Road in Liverpool. Their large flagship totem signs were suffering from broken neon lighting and needed urgent repairs carrying out immediately. Sign Maintenance UK sent out a team of experienced and skilled PASMA and IPAF certified engineers in minus 15°C temperatures, with specialist access equipment to reach the tall signage and begin the repair and cleaning programme.

Work consisted of; immediately making safe all the damaged electrical elements, removing all giant 3D built-up letters, removing all the internal neon signage, fitting economic energy saving LED’s and refitting letters to look like new. Each letter was also recoated with protective paint. The team had to work with the large structure from within and replace all of the electrical components to ensure longer life following Sign Maintenance UK’s visit. Each letter uses LED lighting to glow from within and also to create a ‘halo’ effect around the letter. This effect helps create fantastic glowing letters that can be seen from far around while still saving energy.

As you can see from the photo’s below, the finished effect is stunning. The cool icey blue glow of the ‘New Mersey’ letters offset against the warm firey light of the ‘B&Q’ letters works wonderfully.

To see how alternative methods of signage illumination can reduce your carbon footprint, why not call us today on 01244 66 1919. You can also check out for more information.