Signworld handed brief! was established in 1993, The website enables consumers to compare prices on a range of products, including mortgages, credit cards and loans. The company is based in Chester, North Wales, but its online presence is known globally. has recently undergone a rebrand (You may have noticed their ads all over your TV recently!) and as such required new signage for their offices, both interior and exterior. rebrand with Omid Djalili rebrand with Omid Djalili

Signworld group have been preferred supplier to ever since it appeared on the scene and as a direct result were handed the brief to manufacture the new signage.

Moneysupermarkets old signage was looking very tired and dull.

Old, tired signage

Old, tired signage

Signworld were given free, creative reign on the manufacture of the new signage for Money Supermarket and as such suggested the company would benefit more from an internally, led illuminated sign, finished with a polished chrome return.

Below you will see some shots of the latest signs, we love it!, what are your thoughts?

New signage manufactured by Signworld group

New signage manufactured by Signworld group

New signage manufactured by Signworld group

New signage manufactured by Signworld group

New signage manufactured by Signworld group

New signage manufactured by Signworld group

Give a visit now by clicking their logo below!

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6 Responses to “Signworld handed brief!”

  1. Mark Spizer says:

    well done guys! great post!

  2. Gary Evans says:

    I walk past this sign every day, and to be honest the silver trimming around such dark lettering makes it really difficult to read. Also, as the text is so tight it almost makes it worse when it’s lit up as it al blurs into one. Sorry, just being honest.

  3. John Biggins @ Signworld Group says:

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your feedback, most appreciated.

    I must admit to being slightly surprised, we worked very closely with M.S. and their Marketing Team, clearly there are corporate guidelines that have to be adhered to and with this in mind we thought that the most effective solution was internally illuminated 3D lettering with brushed silver returns.

    We have received brilliant feedback at M.S. Director Level and other local business on the park who have since kindly placed some of their business in our direction as a direct result.

    We appreciate all feedback and we will take a photograph in both night and day and post them onto our blog for other people to comment!


  4. Stewart says:

    To be honest I agree that the signs look great.

  5. Carl Amboree says:

    Really liked your website really got your point acrosss Signworld. Found it while going through yahoo so wanted to tell you good job and you have a bookmark from me.

  6. John Biggins @ Signworld Group says:

    Hi Carl & Stewart,

    Thanks a lot for your commets guys, much appreiated!

    Best Wishes,

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