Freestanding Double-Sided Digital Posters

Stand Out with Slim, Sophisticated Double-Sided Displays

Captivate audiences and stand out from the crowd with Signworld Group's sleek and modern freestanding double-sided digital posters. Perfect for high-traffic areas, these innovative displays combine slimline elegance with exceptional visibility to attract maximum attention.

Showcase Double the Content with Dual-Sided Displays

This unique double-sided configuration empowers you to display different, customizable content on each screen side simultaneously.With the integrated Android media player, it's simple to pre-program and schedule a looping playlist of eye-catching images, videos, and graphics. Maximize versatility by tailoring each side's messaging to its intended viewers.

Remote Management with Wireless Networking

For maximum convenience, upgrade your unit to enable wireless networking capabilities. This allows remote content management from any Internet-connected device.Push updates out to multiple units instantly over Wi-Fi, LAN or 4G. The commercial-grade components are designed for 24/7 operation, enabling you to remotely manage displays remotely even when audiences are engaged.

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Freestanding Double-Sided Digital Posters

Incredibly Thin Dual-Sided Display

At just 25mm deep, the incredibly thin design maximizes manoeuvrability while providing ample surface area for vibrant digital messaging. Despite its lightweight frame, the sturdy tubular build ensures durability for positioning in any location. With a profile slimmer than most single-sided displays, this exceptional depth allows for easy passage through crowds while still providing stunning visibility.

Lightweight Design

Maneuver through crowds and reposition with ease thanks to the portable, segmented construction that allows for quick and simple repositioning. The lightweight frame makes transport effortless while still maintaining stability. Built using high quality aluminium and steel, the durable yet lightweight materials ensure these displays remain lightweight without compromising sturdiness.

Stylish Elegant Frame

Enclosed within the minimalist brushed gold framework is a commercial-grade, high-brightness IPS display that accurately relays content in lifelike colour. The stylish elegant frame with its luxurious gold finish adds a touch of sophistication, instantly drawing the eye.Despite the understated framework, the modern design elements enable these displays to stand out in any setting.

USB Plug-and-Play

For added versatility, the USB plug-and-play function lets you quickly update content by loading new files to a flash drive. Simply load your images and videos, insert the drive, and let the content copy over within minutes. The hassle-free USB updates make refreshing your displays smooth and simple.

Full Specifications

Innovative Solutions for Brand Visibility

Captivate audiences on the move with the slim, lightweight double-sided freestanding digital posters exclusive to Signworld Group. 

The sleek, golden minimalist frame houses ultra-bright displays and robust software for dynamic and impactful messaging. Contact our team today to explore how our eye-catching displays can attract attention to your brand.

Our freestanding double-sided displays provide:

- Ultra-thin 25mm profile for easy maneuverability 

- Lightweight portable design for simple repositioning

- Stylish elegant framework with luxury gold finish

- Vibrant 700cd/m2 commercial-grade IPS displays

- 178° wide viewing angle reaches more viewers

- Dual-sided screens display different content  

- Integrated Android media player for customized playlists

- Plug-and-play USB content loading for quick updates

- Wireless networking capabilities for remote management

- 24/7 commercial-grade components for constant operation

Stand out with slim, sophisticated double-sided digital posters exclusively from Signworld Group. Our team is ready to help enhance brand visibility through these modern displays.

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